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CT Office

Location: P.O. Box 394
              Candlewood Isle
              New Fairfield, CT 06812

Phone:    (203) 312.0166

Fax:        (203) 746.9786


Why Market & Advertise?

"We've never had to do it before, why should we start now?"
The percentage of union workers in the United States is amongst it's lowest in the last 100 years and there's ample reason to support Marketing and Advertising.  Not only is the competition advertising against you, but companies are doing everything they can to keep from using union labor.  We can help you in some key areas:

  • Labor Unions and the Building Trades are the Nations Best kept Secret.
  • Grow your Market share and your Union!
  • Increase the percentage of Union Workers in America
  • Improve the Image of unions and members
  • Remaining competitive in the changing marketplace
  • Create a 21st century appearance to appeal to the Internet Generation
  • Proactively compete for Non-Union Jobs so that Non-Union companies do not take away YOUR rightful jobs...

Now that we've discussed why you market and advertise, lets discuss the different goals that you might have for your campaign.

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