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Utilizing television is a great vehicle for a branding campaign.  There are two forms of television that you can purchase:

  • Network Television
  • Cable Television  

In this section, we'll explain to you the differences between the two mediums and how we utilize them effectively.  In addition, on your left you can click on the headlines to view different real life examples of television commercials that our clients have aired.

Network Television
Network television generally provides the largest TV audiences, however affordability for top shows can be an issue in some markets.  When it's within your budget, it's a tremendous vehicle.  The key with Network programming is to carefully target specific markets and events that will provide big audiences in your demographic without taking up a large percentage of your overall budget.  Through the careful selection of programming on the networks, you can target specific shows that reach the demographics desired.  The following are examples of Networks and shows that have been effectively used for various campaigns:


  • ABC
  • CBS
  • Fox
  • NBC
  • Univision (Spanish Television)
  • Telefutura (Spanish Television)
  • UPN
  • WB

Network Programming

  • Sports
  • SuperBowl
  • World Series
  • Daytona 500
  • Olympics
  • American Idol
  • King of Queens
  • Network News
  • CSI
  • Survivor
  • Lost
  • 24

Cable Television
Cable Television can be a more affordable way to reach your television audience, especially if your just trying to cover a smaller county outside of a major metro area.  Rather than spend the money to buy New York or Los Angeles network affiliates, you can just buy Long Island Cable or Orange County Cable.  This count down on waste, but it doesn't limit the effectiveness of your campaign.  Through the careful selection of some of the below cable networks, you can target specialty shows that reach your desired demographic.

Cable Networks

  • News
    • CNBC
    • CNN
    • MSNBC
    • Fox News
  • Sports/Play-by-Play
    • ESPN
    • Fox Sports Net
    • Speedvision
    • Local Networks (YES, NESN, etc.)
  • Educational Networks
    • Discovery
    • History Channel
    • TLC
    • National Geographic
  • Special Interest
    • Food Network
    • Home & Garden TV
    • Spike TV
    • TBS

Cable Programming

  • Yankee Workshop
  • Old Homes Restored
  • This Old House Classics
  • Weekend Warriors
  • Renovations
  • Junk Yark Wars
  • Home Again
  • American Chopper
  • Monster House
  • Crossfire

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