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Print is the oldest form of traditional advertising and is very useful when reaching a broad based target audience.  There many different forms of print advertising but the most common are:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Events

You can use print media to reach a small targeted audience or you can use it to cover with country with a publication like USA Today.  The following breaks down the three forms:

Newspaper Advertising
Arguably the oldest form of advertising, using newspapers can still be a very viable form of communicating with your target audience.  While it can be pricey to take out a full-page ad on a regular basis, using print on a one-time-only basis for specific campaign can still be useful.  Newspapers can be both national and local and they can also take the form of trades newspapers which specifically focuses on a particular agenda.  If you need to reach business decision makers, the trade publications are useful ways to reach your specific target audience without the waste.

Magazines can reach consumers regionally or nationally and like trade newspapers allow you to specifically target the people that you need to reach.  From Sports Illustrated for the Men, Good Housekeeping for the Women, to Time Magazine for the Educated, there are many ways to reach the consumer with magazines and Union Labor Works can help you determine the right mix.

Event Publications
Placing an ad in the high school school play program to purchasing an ad in the U2 concert program to placing an ad in the Pittsburgh Steelers Gameday program, these are all forms of event publications.  Each event has it's own unique audience and we will analyze the cost and audience for you to determine if the event is right for you!

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