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CT Office

Location: P.O. Box 394
              Candlewood Isle
              New Fairfield, CT 06812

Phone:    (203) 312.0166

Fax:        (203) 746.9786


Business Card DVD's

One of the best emerging marketing pieces is the use of Business Card CD's and DVD's.  These multimedia platforms allow you to show a video to your desired recipient.  In today's tech savvy world, some marketing pieces don't always tell your true story.  Videos with footage of past projects, training, video and testimonials can be a far more powerful representation of your work.
These video's will range in length, but the most common range is from 30-seconds to 10 minutes.  In the left hand column you can view a sample video that was created by Steamfitters Local 449 out of Pittsburgh.

Business Card CD's can come in different shapes and sizes.  They are setup to play in a cd-rom so that your desired viewer can just pop it into their computer while they eat their lunch.  We will also produce a set of DVD's for you so that if you have to make a presentation in a board room, that you can just put it into the DVD player.

In terms of fees, the largest portion of the fee is the production cost which includes shooting footage as well as the editing time.  Mass production of the cd's come at low fixed costs especially when you buy them in bulk.

Once you've produced your marketing pieces, Union Labor Works will help you with a direct mail campaign using previously compiled lists as well as lists that we can purchase from marketing firms.

If you would like to read more about Business Card CD's and DVD's, email us with a request and we'll send you our detailed PowerPoint presentation which can answer a lot of your questions.

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