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Just like Television, there a different ways to purchase radio based on the geographical region your desired listener.  We break radio down into three different forms: 

Network Radio

  • Local Radio
  • Sports Play-By-Play

Sample Radio Ads


In this section we'll explain the differences between the three and they can be used both individually and collectively for good results.  In the left hand column click on the headlines to listen to one of the many radio commercials that our clients have aired.

Network Radio
Network Radio is when you group together numerous radio stations with programming to increase the coverage area.  The most common examples of Network Radio are:

  • Westwood One
  • Metro Networks
  • ClearChannell Network
  • Satellite Radio (Sirius/XM)

When you purchase Network Inventory with one of these networks your spot will air across all of their radio stations.  The programming most often found with these networks is news, weather, traffic, and sports.

Of note in this section is satellite radio since it's a new and emerging medium in the industry.  While most of their programming is commercial free, there are commercials airing in some programming that we've used effectively.

Depending upon the coverage area that you need to reach, we may recommend that you use one of the radio networks.

Local Radio
Local Radio, often referred to as spot radio, is what you get when you purchase your local radio station.  It's one station and the format of the radio station generally dictates the audience that listens to station.  If you need to recruit, you're probably going to want a younger skewing station, however if you want business decision makers, then a News/Talk station is probably right for you.  In each circumstance, we'll recommend the right mix of stations and generally speaking, you want a multi-station buy to increase the chances of more people hearing your message.

Sports Play-By-Play
Sports Play-By-Play isn't usually considered a third form of radio, but for a few reasons, it warrants it's own category:

  • When you purchase play-by-play sports for professional organizations, you can purchase either the flagship station, a network affiliate or both the flagship and the ENTIRE radio network.  The Dallas Cowboys have over 80 stations on their radio network.  The St. Louis Cardinals have over 100 stations on their radio network so as you can see that the networks can be quite large and broad reaching.
  • Sports play-by-play is a very popular medium for unions because for the male dominated construction industry, it's what the members are talking about on the jobsite.

Sports play-by-play garners a very loyal and active listening audience where the commercial breaks are very short so that your message will not get caught up in the multi-minute commercial breaks of traditional music radio.


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