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Location: P.O. Box 394
              Candlewood Isle
              New Fairfield, CT 06812

Phone:    (203) 312.0166

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Sacco Joins Union Labor works - (10/25/2004)

Union Labor Works VP of Business Development, John Glynn, announced today that Ross Sacco has joined Union Labor Works as Director of Business Development. "I've known Ross for several years and realized that his experience was precisely what Union Labor Works needed to provide organized labor with the type of insight and service that they require." Sacco was formerly with CBS Radio Sales as a full-time Account Executive with CBS Sports Radio/Infinity Broadcasting. At Infinity, Ross worked with many traditional advertisers such as: AT&T Wireless, Valvoline, Claritin and Century 21. In 2002, he was promoted to the New York Office Sports Department Manager and oversaw the team of Sports Sellers and Assistants.

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